54 Things You Should Think About Before Starting A Business Or Blog

54 Things You Should Think About Before Starting A Business Or Blog

54 Things You Should Think About Before Starting A Business Or Blog54 Things You Should Think About Before Starting A Business Or Blog

So you want to start a business or a blog….

  1. Get your priorities in order before you embark on any new adventure. My priorities include time alone with God, husband, children, career/work and then friends.
  2. Start dreaming
  3. Creativity takes courage – so embrace it and run with it
  4. Get off your couch and start doing what you love today
  5. Never let a disability hold you back from your dream
  6. You are never to old to start
  7. You are never to young to start
  8. It’s takes time – Be patient ( I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and creating this blog during my free time or when my family is sleeping)
  9. It takes effort, commitment and energy
  10. There will always be people jealous of you – Just learn to deal with it and move on
  11. There will always be people who admire you and look up to you – Spend time with them and thank them for their encouragement to you
  12. Quit talking about it and just do it!
  13. Encourage someone else to follow their dream. Help them see what they may not see or believe in themselves.
  14. Light a candle each day and ask God to light a fire within you for the people He has placed in your path for the day – Starting with your family.
  15. Remember that your #1 PASSION should be for your family 1st 
  16. Always put your spouse and children ahead of your home and work!
  17. Time is short – invest in your little ones while they are still home with you.
  18. Invest in friendships because they will be there to encourage you and remind you to keep going when you feel defeated
  19. Never give up!
  20. Never stop dreaming!
  21. There will always be negative people around you – Run, Run, Run…away from them 🙂
  22. Listen more and talk less!!!
  23. If someone says “No” – Keep going till someone says “Yes”
  24. Believe in yourself or no-one else will believe in your dreams
  25. Pray and never cease praying about your dreams!
  26. TIMING is everything – It may or may not be the right TIME to pursue your dreams!!! 
  27. Do what you love (creative work) while the kids nap, have quiet-time to themselves or when they are in school.
  28. Always have your camera ready to capture what inspires you (flowers, people, clothes, shoes, houses, paint colors and so on)
  29. Keep a sketchbook or notebook handy at all times, so you can jot down what inspires you.
  30. Keep a calendar handy with you. I am old-fashion and still prefer paper and pen!
  31. Listen to classical or soft instrumental music when you work – It’s very calming and soothing
  32. Set goals for yourself
  33. Keep dreaming and make your dreams into reality by  making them into goals
  34. Give yourself goals with deadlines (daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly ones)
  35. Hold yourself accountable
  36. Treat yourself to something special when you accomplish a task or “check-off” a goal
  37. Seek wisdom from mentors in the field you wish to be in
  38. Take a class (sewing class, painting class, cake-decorating class). Your local craft store probably offers lots of classes to help you get your creative juices flowing.
  39. Research other like-minded people
  40. Follow others online that you admire (social mediaFacebook, Twitter and Pinterest)
  41. Read informational books on the topics that inspire you
  42. Go for it – If you fail – Get up – Try again!
  43. Go to conferences, join clubs and groups of your interest
  44. Connect with other like-minded people through blogs
  45. Take classes at a local college to better your education
  46. Watch You-Tube videos on a topic that you love
  47. Read magazines of your interest 
  48. Do this weekly – Research. Educate Yourself. Write Out Your Thoughts. Read
  49. Create your own little space in your home where you can feel free to be you and let your creative juices flow!
  50. Create a beautiful home studio and or home office
  51. Use paint colors and fabric that reflect your personality
  52. Decorate your creative space to be all your own! If you don’t have one, then create a little nook that is all your own.
  53. Add pretty flower print file folders to organize your notes and or written dreams (file folders, paper, pens, bowls, vases).
  54. Fill it with things that inspire you to be creative like baskets, pretty wallpaper or paint and organized shelving

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Author: Serra Deville

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