3 Simple Tips to avoid being used when working as a Nanny

3 Simple Tips to avoid being used when working as a Nanny

3 Simple Tips to avoid being used when working as a Nanny

3 Simple Tips to avoid being used when working as a Nanny


Summer is in full swing and we have 3 simple tips to avoid being used when working as a nanny to share with you today. With the long hours and high flexibility often needed, nannies can begin to feel used and abused. Wrestling with feelings of resentment and bitterness every day on the way to work, however, is definitely not a scenario anyone wants to be in! So whether you’ve been in a position for years or you’re just starting out – here are three ways a nanny can avoid being used.

#1 Tip: Keep a Time Sheet of All Work Hours

It is normal for a nanny and family to do some “give and take” when it comes to a schedule. A mom may be running late when coming home from work one day and then be able to let the nanny head out a couple hours early another!

This system can work great as a degree of flexibility will always be needed, but it can be very easy for one side (whether it’s the nanny or the family) to feel taken advantage of!

TIP: To prevent this from happening, keep a daily time log that records when the nanny clocks in and when she clocks out.

The notebook can be left at the house and it is a great idea for the nanny to take a picture of the log every day before she leaves in case it gets lost or misplaced! If hours seem to become unbalanced, this gives an accurate record of all hours worked for everyone to evaluate!

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#2 Tip: Keep Close Records of All Receipts

As a nanny it is important to keep track of all receipts when handling someone else’s money. At the end of the day, review all the receipts you have received and make notes at the top about anything unclear.

Tip: Keep these notes in one location (possibly in the notebook with the time log!)

If a family has given you permission to purchase food or other items for your own use, a great idea is to highlight the items you purchase and initial beside each item. Then take a picture of the receipt so you have a record of what you have purchased. This is an easy way to clear up confusion down the road if anyone has questions about how money was spent.

#3 Tip: Keep A Journal of Your Nanny Victories

It can be easy to lose sight of the impact you are having on the lives of your children.

Tip: To see the progress you have made over time, write down three small victories you had every day.

Whether it’s celebrating that John said “Thank you” without being prompted or Jane didn’t put up a fight when you had her help clean up her toys – you are making a difference in the everyday moments! These are moments many parents will also enjoying hearing!

Feeling used and abused as a nanny can make a situation feel impossible to resolve. These three quick ideas, however, can transform a nanny’s frustrating and discouraging experience into an opportunity to prove herself as a professional nanny who excels in communication with her families!


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